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Nestlé is at it again. This time, it wants to suck up 100M gallons of groundwater in a small U.S. town for just $200 per year!

The Michigan water authority is considering letting Nestlé double the amount of groundwater it takes to bottle and sell for profit. Why should the government even consider handing over its water supply for mere pennies so a giant corporation can profit?

Tell the state of Michigan to reject this criminally insulting offer.

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Barclays: stop backing fracking

Barclays will profit from companies fracking our country to pieces.

Barclays owns Third Energy -- the fracking firm poised to frack apart the gorgeous Yorkshire village of Kirby Misperton.

Living up close to a shale gas well could mean 24-hour drilling, air, noise and light pollution, a huge increase in HGV trucks through rural areas and possible water contamination.

Research has shown that people living near fracking wells have greater risks of asthma, migraines and premature births. Lives could be plagued just so Barclays can profit.

But if we convince Barclays that fracking is a risky and unpopular investment, it could pull out of Third Energy. That’d be a huge boost to the people of Kirby Misperton and to communities everywhere fighting hard against the frackers moving in on their doorsteps.

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Your Private Medical Records.

The government’s review proposes to allow our medical records from your family doctor, (possibly including our NHS Numbers, diagnoses, referrals, prescriptions along with our post codes and date of birth) to be uploaded to a giant national database -- but this time without telling us or asking for our consent!

The government is about to resurrect the privatisation of our medical records,
but this time without even telling us.

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Stop United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust downgrading Grantham Hospital A&E Now!

Grantham Hospital had a fully operational A&E Unit, a consultant led midwifery unit and Paediatric Ward. Under United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust ULHT, services have been eroded. Paediatric overnight stays were stopped, our Maternity Unit was closed and now the new team plan to cement the undermining of vital A&E services for good.

Research shows for every 1 km travelled there is an increased risk of patient mortality. Grantham is at least 38km (23 miles) from next nearest A&E unit. People with respiratory and allergy problems are at particular risk of delay.

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"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference
with their privacy, family, home or correspondence.

Everyone has the right to the protection
of the law against such interference."

- Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 12